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Group Purchasing Resources


Group Purchasing Resources

Our service offerings range from an array of "Best-of-Breed" GPO offerings to "full blown" L&P expertise. . .
Thereby enabling maximum savings for your organization.

We leverage the best GPO offerings with subject matter experts who have wholesale experience.

GPO's alone are not the best option because GPO pricing varies. When you use a GPO you are only guessing you have the best rates. Only our SME (subject matter experts) with wholesale experience know all the costs of goods sold. This is a huge advantage over working with just a GPO. This is what separates GPR from all other GPO's and expense reduction services alone.

In addition. we have expert consultants who can reduce your entire category spend.

Despite the rapid growth and change in the marketplace, many vendor customer service related issues continue to persist which cost our clients significantly per year. These may include:

1. Billing errors, which if undetected may continue for unlimited amounts of time (years), and result in significant over-payments often accumulating to multiple thousands of dollars.

2. Industry regulations, guidelines and directives designed to protect consumers, which are not being properly adhered to.

3. Charges for products or services not being utilized, and/or needed by the customer.

4. Unexplained tariffs, fees, or other charges wrapped in language not easily understood by most people.

5. Unsatisfactory results in fully resolving billing or service delivery issues

GRR can drive down your strategic procurement needs to include any critical category. Our lead consultants will utilize best practices, along with decades of insight to drive down your spend in a meaningful way.

Our services are completely risk free, and driven by experienced consultants.